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The Rise of Web3 Marketing

And the eventual fall of all those who cannot adapt
What is Web3 Marketing?
The dawn of a new era of advertising is upon us, and internet experts are calling it web3 marketing. Web3 marketing emphasizes leveraging decentralized technology to connect with and engage users. It provides a safer and more user-centric environment for the community. Web3 marketing aims to increase trust within the community. They operate on blockchains which protect the customer’s private information.  Advertising using Web3 marketing is a relatively new concept. If your company is looking to employ a web3 strategy, then it is best to do so through a web3 agency. Before we get into the depths of web3 marketing, here is a quick overview of web3 itself.
What is Web3?

In layman’s terms, a web3 upgrade is not much different from an IOS upgrade. There is a newer and safer version of the internet, and everyone wants to be a part of it. Unlike IOS, you won’t be receiving a notification on your devices, telling you to upgrade. In fact, you might not even actively notice the transition. It will be as seamless as the upgrade from web1 to web2. 

Web1 included static sites, and web2 introduced more interactive options like commenting and sharing. Instagram and Youtube are examples of Web2 sites. Web3 sites, however, are even more interactive and believe in benefiting the user along with the platform.

Even when the internet consisted of static websites, digital marketing still existed. Now, many firms are trying to get a head start and move towards web3 marketing. 

The evolution of Web3 Marketing

The internet and e-commerce businesses are becoming more decentralised thanks to blockchain technology. A whole new universe of opportunities has emerged for businesses and marketers alike. This is all due to NFTs, metaverse economics, and web3 technologies. We are at the vanguard of this new era of advertising.

To channel these advantages, a web3 strategy is implemented. A web3 agency, headed by a team of experts is at the forefront of the operation.

What is a Web3 Agency
A web3 agency is a forward-thinking marketing organization. They support companies in utilising web3 capabilities. Which helps them contact and interact with customers in a more open manner. A qualified web3 marketing agency provides a comprehensive range of web3 marketing services. These include:
  • Complete SEO Services 
  • UI/UX Design 
  • UI/UX Development
  • Crowd Marketing
  • Branding and Rebranding
  • Coin or Token Airdrop Campaigns 
  • Presentation Design
  • Video Design and Production
  • Exchange Listings
  • Market Curation
  • Web3 strategy plans 
  • Content Marketing
  • Investor Outreach
  • Social Media Management
  • Community Management
  • PR and Media 
  • Influencer Outreach
  • Podcasts
Impacts of a web3 strategy on marketing

The concept of “Web 3 Marketing” examines the web by focusing on trends and technological advancements. The way we view the internet is transforming entirely. Web 3.0 marketing encompasses more than websites and SEO. The user experience is improved since a Web 3.0 environment offers more robust and engaging advertising alternatives. Because of this, marketers can now reach more specific people with their commercials. Marketers will be able to promote their products and offer a more effective web3 strategy. They would have access to a range of sources, which would influence their choice of purchases. Web3 marketing capabilities let marketers venture into a more UI-centric realm.


There is no restriction on the use of this web3 strategy. For Web3 to be universal, everyone must be able to access it from any application on any device. Even when the number of internet users increases daily, it holds no consequence.

According to this principle, a web3 strategy may be used at any time, anywhere, and on any device.


Decentralization is the main theme of web3 marketing. Given that data would be available everywhere, it indicates that no firm will have centralised control over it. And the absence of middlemen will reduce the likelihood of server failure and data theft.

If you recall, at some point in 2021, all servers and applications under Facebook’s control were shut off completely. Many firms suffered significant losses as a result of the disaster, but web3 will never have this issue.

Web3 and AI technology are developing in unison. This means that Web3 platforms will enable several improvements in the AI sector as well. Distributed ledger technology on the blockchain will enable AIs to crawl correct data and enhance their learning process.

Metaverse Reality:
The Metaverse is an essential component of Web 3. With many corporations, including Facebook (Meta), already beginning to develop their virtual brand empires, metaverses have become incredibly popular in recent years. The marketing sector is getting a whole new set of opportunities thanks to these virtual worlds. A web3 agency will always look into expanding through the metaverse.  Web3 marketing experts can now take advantage of a digital space that wasn’t previously available.

After their pop-culture integration in 2021, NFTs have become widespread. Most people are following this trend on account of FOMO. NFTs are digital assets, like games and works of art, that are recorded in smart contracts. Additionally, NFT designs are one-offs, so finding a fake is uncommon. Since there are now many NFTs, communities have been established for these token holders to interact. These communities are online. 

Web3 marketing makes use of these tokens, to build credibility for their product. A web3 agency would market their business smartly, and utilize NFTs to appeal to their community.

Social Media and Web3 Strategy:

The prevalence of the numerous social media platforms we are familiar with, such as Facebook, Instagram, and others, may be attributed to the ongoing evolution of communication and marketing strategies.

However, they are the subject of privacy violation claims because they allegedly sell user data to advertisers. Because of this incident, customers want to keep their data private. Web3 marketing and social media strategies need to overcome this challenge. They need to keep in mind that the algorithm will not be corporation-friendly. It will be more inclined towards the client.

In addition, memes are the current social media kings and a succinct but effective way to communicate the complexity of Web3 to the general public. A web3 agency can decipher the norms and present them to the clientele in an appealing manner.

How web3 marketing can benefit businesses

1. Zero Chance of Server Collapse: 

In earlier web eras, server failures frequently led to platform shutdowns. This resulted in significant losses for brands and companies. As they work on centralization, Facebook and Google are familiar with this issue. Leveraging a distributed network to support a Web3 system prevents the possibility of platform crashes due to centralized server failures. The support of the distributed network will still carry on computing even if one node or network of nodes is offline. 

2. Reduction of Data Theft: 

In truth, there would be no need for web3 if the previous web performed well. Sadly, it wasn’t so, as web2 exposed user data to theft vulnerability. Fortunately, decentralization of the web3 project is here. The decentralized content delivery will safeguard user data.

3. No Outside Access

Security is maximized by limiting user data exposure and access to their data. Reliability is also assured because consumers won’t require a middleman. Utilizing blockchain technology, this is accomplished.

Data privacy is strengthened via blockchain. Blockchain certifies and records the pseudonymous ownership of transactions, which makes this workable. Your data is private and controlled since it is done in a sustainable and verifiable manner.

In conclusion

Web3 marketing is an inevitable outcome of the internet transition. Businesses need to adapt and employ a web3 agency that can set their business ahead of the curve. Agencies have an accumulated number of people who provide different services. These experts dominate a number of services that can benefit a growing business.

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